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Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

A roof with a hammer, nails, and other yellow tools in Bulverde Spring Branch.

With fall coming to a close, it’s time to prepare your home for the colder months of the year. Here, we will lay out some tips to prepare your roof for winter.

Steel Horse Constructors, located in Spring Branch, TX, offers roof repair, installation, and maintenance to keep your roof functional and safe, especially during winter. We are highly rated amongst the customers we’ve served and can guarantee your home will be ready for winter. For more information, give us a call at (800) 856-1276 or contact us online today!

Winterizing Your Roof

Your roof is what insulates and protects your home from the outside elements during winter. In order to properly protect your roof and avoid a roof repair, you must know how to prepare your roof for winter before it arrives. Read below for a list of ways to get your roof prepped for the cold!

1. Remove/Prune Hanging Branches- Trees can cause damage to multiple areas on your roof during heavy winter storms, which will require roof repair.

2. Clean Up Debris and Dirt- Cleaning your roof of leaves and other dirt can avoid moisture build-up, which in turn can avoid leaks you don't want when it's cold.

3. Inspect the Edges of Your Roof- Having a proper ventilation system installed can help avoid ice dams in your gutters.

4. Clean the Gutters- Start cleaning your gutters in the fall so you won’t have to in the winter when it’s colder. Once the temperature drops, the leaves and water can freeze, which makes your job harder.

5. Examine the Shingles- Once your roof is clean, it’s a good time to check the shingles for cracks, warping, and granular loss. If you happen to find any leaks or damage, you’ll either have to replace the shingles or the entire roof.

6. Look Out for Animals- When there is roof damage, you can unknowingly welcome unwanted animals into your home. Check for nests before calling for a roof repair.

7. Review All Homeowner Information- Check your warranty or homeowners insurance before looking into a roof repair.

8. Check Your Attic- If you discover any cracks or leaks in your roof, you should check your attic for any further damage. Hiring professional roof repair in Bulverde Spring Branch will help make sure nothing gets missed.

9. Inspect the Roof Valleys- The valleys of your roof are more prone to experience leaks. Make sure to take extra care when cleaning the valleys.

10. Contact a Professional- A professional roofing company will understand all the intricacies that go into caring for a roof. They will know what to look for and let you know if you need a roof repair.

Roof Repair in Bulverde Spring Branch

Steel Horse Constructors, located in Spring Branch, TX, has a great team of roofers who can handle any roof repairs you might need in preparation for winter. If you find some cracks and bruises on your roof, call (800) 856-1276 today!


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