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5 Signs Your Central Texas Home May Need Roof Repair

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

For most homeowners in Central Texas, roof repair is the last thing they think about.

With most people being pretty busy these days, you probably aren’t wasting energy thinking about your roof. That is until something goes wrong. At that point, the importance of a good roof is front of mind until the issue is resolved.

When it comes to your roof, spotting signs early could mean the difference between needing a small repair or a brand new roof.

Since no one wants to have to deal with unnecessary expenses right now, we thought we’d offer our best tips for spotting roof damage.

If you see any of these signs, ‌call a Central Texas roofer for an inspection.

1. Peeling Exterior Paint

Paint peeling off of your home’s outdoor walls is never ideal. While there are multiple causes for paint peeling, roof problems are often to blame when paint peels near the roofline.

How does poor roof performance translate to peeling paint? The answer is poor ventilation.

When warm air from inside the home rises to cooler air above, it creates some moisture in the form of condensation.

While you can’t stop this process entirely, you can mitigate the problems associated with too much moisture using proper ventilation.

Any built-up moisture that lingers could affect the way your exterior paint performs. Not only that, but it may damage the integrity of the roof over time or become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

If you have this problem, an expert roofer in Central Texas could help you diagnose and fix your ventilation issue and save some of your paint in the process!

2. Cracked, Curled, Or Missing Shingles

Once shingles become old and weathered, they can deteriorate‌. Shingle damage can also come from internal roofing problems or adverse weather. In fact, your shingles are the best and most obvious indicators of roofing trouble.

Just from looking at shingles from ground level, it's hard to determine the exact problem. For instance, the shingles may have just been installed poorly, or it could point to much deeper problems.

Still, you should periodically look at your roof from ground level for the following shingle conditions:

  • Cracked

  • Curled

  • Missing

  • Wet

  • Dirty

  • Granules in gutter

Of course, a more thorough inspection is better suited for finding root causes, but you can still learn a lot from simply looking.

Even if just a few shingles don’t look so good, it’s best to just call a professional roofer for a full inspection and roof repair. If there is a problem and it’s not caught early on, it could get worse and become a more costly fix.

3. Light or Water Leaks In Through Your Crawl Space

While most homes in our region don't have "traditional" attics, you may still be able to catch roofing issues by checking out your home’s crawl space. If you notice light peeking in from above whenever you go into your crawl space to store items, then you should call a Central Texas roofer pronto!

Rays of light coming into your crawl space from above signify that your roof has sustained damage or was not installed properly. Any holes that light can get through may let water in as well.

Excessive moisture and roofs don’t mix. During a big storm or heavy rain, you may be met with water running down into the rest of the house.

Water leaks can have a domino effect, harming your roof, the walls inside the home, and even your health if mold and mildew form‌. It’s best to avoid this by being proactive with your roof care.

Don’t let even tiny holes in your roof go unaddressed. Adverse weather events or normal wear and tear can turn those small holes into larger holes. If they get too large, it could limit the roof repairs a team can safely accomplish.

4. Sagging Roof Deck

While you are checking your crawl space or attic, you should also look for any sagging from your roof deck. If you are unaware, roof decking is installed over the joists of your roof and can typically be seen from the crawl space. If this is sagging, it may mean it was poorly installed, but it could also mean it is wet.

From the outside, you can actually see signs of sagging roof decking if your shingles look damp, wet, or have some sort of crinkle or wave pattern.

After spotting wet-looking shingles, just check for any sagging and let a professional know the situation.

5. Increased Energy Bills

Have your energy bills increased lately but your usage hasn’t changed? Maybe your home has become inefficient at maintaining temperature. This could be because of doors and windows, but your roof could also be a prime suspect.

If you’ve noticed higher energy bills but can’t pinpoint the cause, ‌hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof!

Trust Our Central Texas Roofers With Your Roof Today!

While weather and age are huge factors in a roof’s performance, the quality of your roofing maintenance and installation also plays a massive role. Great materials won’t translate to great results without the proper installation or repair methods.

The Steel Horse Constructors team has extensive experience working on countless roofs in Central Texas and the Hill Country. From simple repairs to massive roof installation projects, our roofers can do it all at the highest level.

If you’ve spotted one or more of these roof problems, our professionals are ready to help. To begin the roof repair process, get in touch with us at 800-856-1276!

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03 may 2023

Paint peels off out from the walls only if your home roof has leakage. If the leakage becomes major then it can cause damage to all walls of the home also with the roof. So, this is a very common sign to consider when seen and call roof repair expert immediately for help.

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