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FENCING SERVICES In Central TX & The Hill Country

Installing fencing around a property increases its privacy and security while also keeping yards and property lines neatly distinguished. At Steel Horse Constructors LLC, we offer professional, long-lasting fence installations in a variety of styles and materials.


Fence Installation

With more than 30 years of experience, we are well-versed in all aspects of residential building and improvement, including fence installation. We work directly with homeowners to determine and meet their exact specifications, and every fence installation is backed by a one-year workmanship guarantee. Additionally, if the scope of the installation changes or problems arise during the middle of a job, we'll requote and update any contracts to avoid any surprises once the job is complete.


Types of Fences

There's a lot for homeowners to think about when planning for a fence installation, including their desired level of privacy and security, the aesthetics of the fence, and the durability of the fence's materials. Our team can install fences made from metals such as goat wire and wrought iron, or from cedar plank and other wood-based materials. Each installation is outfitted with steel terminal posts, so no matter the material, our fences are sturdy and long-lasting.


Choosing the Right Fence

Are you in need of a fence that offers maximum privacy and security, or simply one to keep your property lines in order and to prevent children and pets from wandering too far? Aesthetically, do you prefer traditional simplicity or something a little more decorative? We can install fences of many different styles, materials, and heights to suit your needs.

  • Wood - Wooden fences can be built in many styles and heights to give your property both a traditional style and a high level of privacy. While wooden fences are quite strong, they do require occasional maintenance and fresh applications of paint or stain.
  • Goat Wire and Chain Link - Metal-based fences are extremely durable and do well as practical barriers against animals, making them a popular choice on larger properties.
  • Wrought Iron and Ornamental - Wrought iron and other decorative fencing materials can give your property a grand appearance while offering solid durability and tough security.

The right fence can protect your privacy and ensure that your property, family, and pets are secure. As one of our many residential building and repair services, Steel Horse Constructors LLC offers fence installations and repairs to meet the needs of Buda and Spring Branch area homeowners. To learn more about our fence installations, contact us today online.

We're proud of the work we do!

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