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Steel Horse Constructors
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by Happy SteelHorse Customer on Steel Horse Constructors
Very professional and friendly staff!

Finally found a contractor I love and will use again and again. I’ve already started my next “to do” list for Steel Horse Constuctors! I appreciated the honesty in what Jim saw and said would need to be fixed or replaced in addition to what I wanted done. He took the time to explain things as we did a walk-around. I like the fact that he uses good quality products that will last longer, unlike so many others. Got there, got the work done, were unobtrusive to me, very professional and friendly staff.

by S. Minnie Padin on Steel Horse Constructors
Thank You For Making Sure My Project Was Done Perfectly

I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for all the help you recently provided during the renovations at my home in Buda, Texas.  Thank you for providing qualified professionals and making sure my project was done perfectly.

You kept me abreast of the project and communicated effortlessly from beginning of the project to the very end and even went the extra mile to coordinate things with me to make sure I was a happy camper.  When the vendor provided the wrong tile you came to my rescue taking the initial steps in resolving some of the most complicated issues during the repairs at my home.  You explained the time of delay and assured me that you would take the liberty in making sure I was provided with the sufficient tile needed to complete my project.

Meantime I saw the great work your contractors and/or employees provided and I hurried to get other mini-projects done during the delay. They complied effortlessly.  Everything on the Proposal was done and you even corrected some of the mess done by someone else. You fixed the plumbing ignored by another contractor that was extremely crucial to the completion of my project.  You came to the rescue to a leak and perfected the job by including extras I had not expected or paid for.

When I wanted to add another job to redo my half bath you jumped to the job, gave me a new proposal and prompted the work to perfection.  Your field of expertise in overseeing a project was amazing.

Marcus did a wonderful job in installing the tile and Jay & Jay were experts in their craft.  You have great pride in what you do and your contractors were of utmost trustworthy.  In work and life, negative and positive feedbacks have their place and time.  When the tile contractor showed some type of inappropriate customer service behavior you came to my rescue within a few hours showing a conscious effort to resolve the problem so that work would continue and it did.  You made it easy for me to speak up and best of all you listened.  You stayed on top of the jobs that were going on and you showed that you cared about your company’s product of effort – TO DO THE JOB RIGHT!

Everyone brings something different to the table but you modeled courtesy and civility even with an overwhelming workload.  This sometimes causes people not to bother about the simple things but you quickly corrected and handled problems with ease and finesse.  You rose to the challenge working overtime and returning home somewhat exhausted but at the same time I am sure with a smile of satisfaction of performing a job well done.

Again, I am happy in the manner you evaluated the issues that happened during the repairs at my home and commend you for the positive leadership you brought with you that created a positive atmosphere, personally and professionally.  A RENOVATION WITHOUT AGGRAVATION!  Best of all, I love my new environment and my home even more.

Thanks for coming back to put my things back.  You and your guys made all the difference!

by Customer in Driftwood on Steel Horse Constructors
I will be recommending Steel Horse Constructors

Jim built custom bookshelves for my family room and my formal sitting area. I am so happy, happy, happy with everything!!!! I will be recommending Steel Horse Constructors to all my friends and neighbors.

by Satisfied Steel Horse Customer on Steel Horse Constructors
Professional Crew & Fine Workmanship

“I wanted to send a big thank you. I appreciate your wise decisions and professional crew. Please let them know how much I appreciate their fine workmanship and their pleasant attitudes each morning”.

by Customer in Kyle on Steel Horse Constructors
I would like to thank Jim and his crew for doing such a fine job

I would like to thank Jim and his crew for doing such a fine job on our house. It looks very nice and very well done. Thanks again y’all. Keep up the good work. I’ll tell everybody I know, thank you.

by Dan T. on Steel Horse Constructors
We definitely recommend Steel Horse Constructors

We initially contacted Jim in response to an ad for gutter cleaning. During our initial visit, I learned that Steel Horse Constructors does much more than just that. I had been wanting, due to getting older and needing to stay off ladders, to install gutters with leaf guards, but the major brands were cost-prohibitive. Jim showed us a much lower cost alternative gutter screening, but didn’t try to hard-sell them. We decided to go with these.

Since I was planning to paint the trim on our single-story brick house myself, we had Jim give us an estimate for that as well. We also had some rotted wood around a metal back door, which he inspected, and found that it would cost less to go ahead and replace the entire door and frame. We opted for a new door with the metal blinds sandwiched between double glass panes.

We also had two dormers with deteriorating wood trim which needed to be replaced. Jim prepared an estimate which included priming the bare wood (high quality primer), priming the gutters (a different primer needed), removing and replacing the door (turned out that the original builder had botched the installation badly), removing and replacing the dormer trim, painting all trim, fascia, soffits, and gutters (they wound up applying at least two and sometimes three coats of high quality paint) , installing screens on all the gutters, cutting down a large front door and installing new sweeps on both doors. What wasn’t anticipated was the extra work and material required to install the back door, which Jim custom fabricated the new frame and molding for. He also custom fabricated the new arched window frames for the dormer windows, even routing them to make them more attractive.

Whenever an issue arose, Jim had an answer for it, and he proved to be knowledgeable and adaptable in each instance. Even more to his credit, he and his crew took care of numerous issues we had around the house which weren’t even included in the original bid, incorporating then into their work as they went. When they were finished (and they weren’t finished until Jim inspected everything to insure it was done to his standards), the original estimate was what we paid; he charges not one cent for all the extra work they had done, unlike many contractors who nickel-and-dime you to death for any extra costs. They cleaned up their job site well, and our house looks better than when new. All told, the work took about 6-7 days.

We can’t express enough how impressed we are with Jim and his staff; they are hard-working, honest, and perfectionists. We are already planning to use him for other projects in the near future (that is, if we can get him away from the neighbors who have already hired him for their projects. We definitely recommend Steel Horse Constructors – you will be glad you did.