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The Latest Bathroom Renovation Trends for Central Texas Homes

Bathrooms are an essential element of any Hill Country home. Renovating your bathroom can enhance your entire home’s appeal and give it a fresh new look. There are always emerging trends in the remodeling industry, and Steel Horse is constantly keeping up with the latest and greatest designs.

Everyone wants an updated and stylish bathroom for their home, and if you are thinking of renovating your bathroom for a new look and feel, here are the latest bathroom ideas to consider.

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Earthy and Natural Bathrooms

As new trends continue to emerge in bathroom renovations, organic style and earthy tones are becoming more and more popular. Many people are beginning to prefer natural materials and earthy and warm colors, with plenty of natural items in their bathrooms, such as plants and stones. Adding some of these elements creates an organic style within your bathroom.

Skylights can be a great addition to the organic style of your bathroom because they offer natural light and make the space feel more open. Tones such as watery blues and earthy greens are also becoming increasingly popular in creating a bathroom's organic and natural setting. However, the use of warm colors can add a pop of color to the organic and natural setting in your Central Texas bathroom.

Integrated Technology

Advancements in technology are always at the forefront of leading trends, and with efficiency and comfort in high demand, the popularity of touchless faucets and smart toilets is increasing significantly. Mobile apps, wall-mounted interfaces, heated flooring, and tech-laden, digitally-controlled fixtures have become integral parts of modern bathroom remodeling and renovation.

Not only do they add style and elegance to your bathroom, but they also enhance convenience and comfort to a whole new level. Smart showers allow you to start the water and get it to the temperature before you even enter your bathroom. Built-in toilet seat warmers on some smart toilets bring a bit of comfort and luxury to your bathroom. And if you really want to get fancy, you can install a warming drawer to keep your towels and robes at the perfect temperature.

What’s even better is that these techy bathroom renovations are sustainable and much more affordable than you think!

Touchless Faucets

Faucets and sinks are some of the most important bathroom upgrades. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the importance of washing one's hands, resulting in a drastic increase in the installation of touchless faucets. These fixtures help you and your family avoid coming in contact with germs and are an added convenience as well.

Many styles and options are available for touchless faucets, so you can easily choose the best design for the look you are going for.

Multipurpose Storage

The desire to adjust and store as many things as possible lead many people to enhance their storage space. Many people are adding closets and dressing areas within their bathrooms, providing ample storage and convenience.

You can update your bathroom while adding the practicality of multipurpose storage spaces. Again, this new bathroom renovation trend will add convenience and accessibility to your bathroom while also adding a trendy design element.

Contact us today and let us assist you in your Hill Country bathroom renovation. Call Steel Horse today at (800) 856-1276 to get started!


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