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As roofing contractors, Steel Horse Constructors provides top-tier roof repair, installation, and maintenance services to homeowners in Central Texas. Our team has extensive experience working atop countless homes in the Hill Country, providing the absolute best in residential roofing services.

From small repairs to full roof replacements, you can count on our reliable team of roofing pros to get the job done right the first time. Contact us to schedule your consultation and roof inspection today!

Our Roofing Services

Though they get very little attention most of the time, our roofs are absolutely vital to living safely and comfortably in our homes. Roofs protect us from the elements, play a big role in energy efficiency, and aesthetically pull together the look of your home. This is why we offer highly-reviewed roof installation, repair, and replacement services.

We have over 40 years of experience handling all aspects of residential construction, renovation, and improvement, including roof repairs. Our team works closely with homeowners to understand and address their roofing needs.

Our Pricing & Warranty Information

We provide fair and affordable pricing for our roofing services. During the project, if the scope of the job changes or if issues arise, we'll provide a new quote and modify our contracts so that there are no surprises upon completion.

Our roofing work is also backed by a 1-year workmanship warranty for repairs, a 5 year warranty for complete replacements, and a manufacturer warranty, when applicable. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that any potential issues can be quickly resolved by our team. For nearly a decade, we’ve taken great pride in the work we do, and we always endeavor to exceed client expectations with each and every job.

Common Roofing Issues

Roofing repairs are often necessary due to these reasons: the roof has suffered weather damage, has degraded due to old age or has been mishandled by inexperienced roofers. Damage may be a result of a combination of these factors, but the end result is a roof that is in deep need of experienced attention.

Below are just some common roofing problems that we come across for repairs:

  • Water spots on the ceiling (moderate to severe roof leak)

  • Damaged roof vents

  • Poor or failing roof flashing

  • Hail or other weather damage

  • Blistering

  • Damaged or missing shingles (granule loss, curling shingles, etc.)

Don’t Ignore Your Roofing Problems — Our Team is Here to Help

Often, homeowners may notice that their roof has a leak or shingle damage and may delay repairs. This is not advisable, as those small problems will worsen over time. Initially postponing repairs could turn a potentially small maintenance project into a major roof repair or even a replacement.

Because of the nature of roofing issues, it’s always best to have a professional team inspect your roof at the first sign of trouble. When problems are caught early, there are typically more (and cheaper) options available to remedy the problem.

What To Expect From Our Roofing Repair and Maintenance

For our repair and maintenance services, you can expect a hands-on and communicative approach from our staff. We always ensure that our clients are kept updated on project timelines and progress so there are no surprises as we work. With both our repair and maintenance work, our goals are to leave the roof safe, intact, protective, and energy-efficient.

We also recommend regular preventative maintenance services, as that allows us to catch potential issues before they become bigger problems. This, in turn, saves our clients money in the long run and may extend the roof’s lifespan by years.

Our Roofing Team Has You Covered Year-Round!

As one of the most important elements of your home's construction, your roof should be professionally installed, repaired, and replaced as needed. Steel Horse Constructors offers clients complete roofing services, whether you require a small repair or a complete roof replacement. To learn more about our roofing and other construction services, please contact us today.