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Frequently Asked Questions about the Steel Horse Process

The letters “FAQ” in front of the Steel Horse Constructors logo in Bulverde Spring Branch.

If you are considering upgrading your Bulverde Spring Branch home with a remodel, a new roof, or new flooring, you may have questions about the process. We are here to help answer some commonly asked questions about our process here at Steel Horse Constructors.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us online or call (800) 856-1276 today!

What can I expect to happen at the estimate appointment?

At your estimate appointment, our contractors will do a deeper dive into your home improvement project with you, take appropriate measurements & reference photos. We’ll also discuss the overall look and feel of what you'd like to achieve in your home and the next steps in the estimation process, such as an additional visit with our specialty trades and design & materials selection.

What is included in the estimate/proposal?

Our estimates are turnkey, and all materials & labor will be included. Your proposal will also contain the full scope of work, payment terms & all applicable warranties.

Why do I need to make design choices before I receive a proposal?

As our estimates are turnkey and include all materials, it is ideal to have all design selections made to be included in your estimate so that we can ensure not only the correct quantities of your finishes but we can also more accurately estimate the amount of labor required & most importantly, make sure we provide an accurate cost estimate for your project.

What happens if something changes during the project or I change my mind about certain elements?

Should we encounter any unforeseen issues during the course of the project, a Steel Horse partner will be sure to go over the issue, possible solutions & any costs associated with resolving an issue. Once the solution has been agreed upon, we will issue a Change Order to be reviewed and signed.

In the event that you change your mind about design elements that were previously agreed upon and ordered, a Change Order will be issued that will detail any additional costs & timeline changes that may occur with the requested change. Once the Change Order has been reviewed and signed, we will make the agreed-upon changes.

Additional costs may be due at the time of the Change Order or may be billed at project completion, our team will go over the terms of any Change Order with you.

What are your payment terms?

Most of our projects require 50% of the estimated project cost at the time we sign the contract for your project & the remaining balance when the project is completed. For larger projects, we will set up a draw schedule.

For example, a full kitchen remodel will typically require a 50% down payment, a 25% payment following the installation of cabinetry & the remaining balance plus any remaining additional costs accrued at completion.

What kind of warranties are offered with my project?

Steel Horse Constructors. LLC offers a 12-month workmanship warranty on all remodeling projects, a 24-month warranty on roof repairs, and a 5-year warranty on roof replacements. All applicable manufacturer warranties will be applied.

What kind of timeline can I anticipate throughout the process? (Estimate, Commitment, Start Date, Completion)

From the time we first meet you until the time we deliver a written estimate & proposal can vary widely from project to project. Factors such as the design & selection process, secondary visits with our specialists & the complexity of your project all have an impact on how quickly we can provide you with an accurate estimate.

Once you are ready to proceed with your project, we will begin ordering materials, setting up contracts with our specialists, and scheduling each step of your project. Your project start date will be determined based on the delivery timeframe of materials and the availability of our specialty trades. Prior to beginning any work, we will review the scope of work & schedule a pre-construction walkthrough with you to ensure that all questions or concerns are answered.

Completion timelines vary from project to project, and we will provide you with our estimated timeframe for your specific project prior to starting.

Average Completion Times:

Bathroom 4-6 weeks

Kitchens 6-8 weeks

Flooring Installations: 2-5 Days

Roof Installations: 1-2 days

Who will be on-site during my project?

During the course of your project, a Steel Horse partner will be on-site daily to ensure that everything is running smoothly & answer additional questions or concerns that may arise during the course of your project.

Our specialists and in-house crew will be checked in & out by a Steel Horse partner. However, we may not be on-site for the entire duration of each day’s work.

We will always keep an open line of communication with you throughout the course of the project so that you are fully informed of the schedule and progress of your project.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and want to schedule a consultation, contact us online or call (800) 856-1276 today!


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