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Four Eye-Catching Bathroom Design Trends

Summary: Learn how you can transform your bathroom with these luxurious and appealing design trends.

As 2020 comes to a close and more people are trying to keep themselves busy at home, now's the perfect time to get creative in the bathroom! Whether you're about to move to a new home or are looking to undertake an exciting renovation project, check out these four design trends to make your bathroom stand out.

Standalone Tubs

Take relaxation to the next level with a luxurious standalone tub. This addition is typically appropriate for large-scale remodels and is well worth the plumbing work. Standalone tubs create an illusion of space that makes your bathroom inviting and can also be paired with a vessel sink perched atop your vanity if you prefer a consistent look.

Metal Touches

The hardware and accents you choose can change the upgrade the overall look of even the simplest of bathroom designs. Brushed finishes or specialty finishes such as matte black, brushed bronze or gold, offer a handcrafted, authentic feel. For designs on a budget, hardware with a brushed nickel finish are the perfect choice. Mirrors, lighting fixtures, and simple accessories add an element of luxury and style.

Bold Tile

Your tile is ultimately what brings the most personality to your bathroom. Although it's becoming more popular to mix and match patterns for the shower tile and the bathroom floor, try to keep the variation to a minimum to prevent the overall aesthetic from looking too cluttered or overwhelming. If you prefer a simpler design, white on white bathrooms are very popular. If you decide to add a splash of color to the room, light or medium tones such as off-whites and creams, create contrast without taking away from the overall white-on-white design.

Open Layouts

No matter the size of the bathroom, open showers and tubs are excellent additions to a bathroom that can make the overall look feel more modern. This trend has surged in popularity in recent years as more people enjoy the ease of exiting their shower without worrying about slipping on the edge of the tub.

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