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ADA-Compliant Interior Design: What Homeowners Should Know

Home is where we unwind after a long day and enjoy the company of friends and family. Many of us move through each room using mostly muscle memory while doing our daily activities. However, for some, mobility at home does not come as easy.

ADA-compliant modifications are an aspect of the interior and exterior design work we provide as a team. This can be necessary for a wide range of reasons and can make life at home easier and safer when done properly. Despite being so useful, few people think of ADA compliance outside of public places like schools, hospitals, or retail businesses.

In this month’s Steel Horse Constructors blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of ADA compliance and what it can do for your home. Read on to get a better understanding of how ADA-compliant modifications can make life better for you and your loved ones at home!

A Quick Look at ADA Compliance: Its History from 1990 to Today

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law signed in 1990 to protect against discrimination based on disability. This act was meant to keep people with disabilities from being excluded from spheres of life like jobs, schools, transportation, and other public and private areas open to the public.

The ADA is intended to ensure that those with disabilities have the same access to employment, the purchasing of goods and services, and state and local government services and programs.

In the over 30 years since the ADA’s introduction, more amendments and regulations have been introduced to ensure those with physical and/or mental impairments have the same opportunities as those without them. It also covers people with a history of a particular impairment or a person perceived by others as having an impairment of some kind.

How We Modify Interiors For ADA Compliance

At Steel Horse Constructors, we are proud to provide ADA-compliant modifications for residents across Central Texas. The modifications we provide to our clients can be added to every area of the home. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with the full spectrum of clients with disabilities to make everyday living easier.

Below are just some of the modifications that we have installed in homes across Texas:

  • Installing grab bars in the bathroom

  • Installing lever-based door handles and faucets

  • Installing anti-slip flooring

  • Constructing exterior ramps for wheelchairs (with handrails and anti-slip coating)

  • Widening doorways for wheelchair and walker access

  • Adding curbless entry for a shower

  • Lowering countertops for ease of access

  • Installing door locks that open from the outside for emergencies

While this is not a complete list of the modifications we provide, it does contain some of our most common projects. We can also make sure that these modifications seamlessly integrate into your home’s existing design.

Why Should You Get ADA Modifications In Your Home?

The fight for accessibility for those with disabilities has made life better for nearly everyone, even those without disabilities. However, these laws and regulations only extend to areas that are open to the public, not homes.

As a homeowner, you are not required to have any ADA-compliant elements installed. Despite not being required, many people do find the need to add disability accommodations to their homes for various reasons. The most common reason is that someone in the home has a disability or disabilities that affect movement. Modifications can also be made if you have friends and family with disabilities who frequently visit.

One of the most common reasons for ADA modifications is aging. Increased age can naturally lead to decreased mobility, so homeowners will opt to make certain modifications to enable safe & efficient movement around the home. You don’t have to wait to commission these additions later in life, either; some homeowners will get ADA modifications far before they may be needed.

Trust Steel Horse Constructors With Your ADA Modifications!

Looking for a team you can count on with your home modifications? Steel Horse Constructors is the right choice! Our team will expertly handle the process from design to completion, keeping you abreast of updates along the way.

ADA modifications are a great way to increase your quality of life and your home’s value at the same time, especially when done by pros. For more information on the process and how we can get started on your home, contact the Steel Horse Constructors team directly today!


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