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6 Tips For Crafting A Timeless Design In Your Home

In the world of interior design, it’s incredibly tempting to keep up with the latest trends and fads. And why not? Trends tend to showcase great designs that reflect the mood or sensibilities of the time. However, chasing trends can be expensive and exhausting, especially when an enduring design with regular tweaks can achieve the same goal.

But what exactly does it mean for something to be timeless, and how can that be applied to your home’s look? From changing countertops to considering indoor/outdoor transitions, we’ll discuss our top tips for crafting that classic look.

But First, What Do We Mean By “Timeless?”

To achieve a timeless look, we need to determine what we mean by “timeless.” In design, a timeless look refers to a design that won’t go out of style, one that is understated, simple, and sophisticated. Think of a classic black dress that looks just as stunning today as it did 80 years ago.

However, classic and timeless design doesn’t have to mean boring or stale. Sometimes, simplicity can be breathtaking or endlessly impressive, and timeless doesn’t mean that you can’t mix and match different elements while still achieving a timeless look. Overall, your interior should have a grounding presence.

So now that we have a basic definition of timeless design, let’s delve into our suggestions for crafting that look in your own home.

Remodeling Options That Invoke A Timeless Feel

Remodeling is the best way to embark on your timeless design. To make the most progress towards that ageless feel, consider investing in renovation efforts for these elements of your room or home:

1) Update Your Flooring

Your flooring is literally and figuratively the foundation for the look of any particular room. Here, having good quality hardwood<or wood-look> flooring installed can be a solid, elegant constant that allows you to change out other elements. Hardwood, LVP & tile come in a variety of styles and colors as well, so there is plenty to choose from to find what speaks to you.

2) Change Your Countertops & Cabinets

Outdated cabinets and countertops may be prime candidates for updating, as they are focal points in our spaces.

With cabinets, a popular way to create a timeless look is to install quality white cabinets. Not only do white cabinets look great in any era, but they match well with classically minimalist or trendy looks.

For countertops, consider choosing a material with a honed or matte finish versus a glossy one. Light- or dark-colored countertops can be centers of attention, enhancing the style of the room. Also consider classic looks, such as marble or granite look-alikes.

3) Consider Universal Designs

In many remodeling efforts, the concept of universal design is overlooked. Universal design simply refers to unique design concepts that incorporate all ages and physical capabilities, and that will improve the function, aesthetics, and value of your home. Lifestyles and capabilities change over time. However, some contemplate home remodeling while considering current abilities. But, as we age, there is a possibility of some type of decline or disability, making universal design a very practical choice.

Universal design typically needs to be low physical effort, simple, intuitive, error-tolerant and needs to allow for various body sizes or mobility devices.

Examples of universal design may include the following:

  • Variable height countertops

  • Grab bars near tubs, showers, and toilets

  • Easy-to-use lever-style knobs and handles for doors; rocker light switches

  • Low-curb or curbless showers

  • Hand-held shower wand systems, for those that need to be seated while showering

  • Floor-level low-light fixtures for navigation

4) Easy Indoor/Outdoor Transitions

Often, remodeling efforts focus heavily on the interior of the home, and rightfully so. But your outdoor space can also greatly contribute to the overall feel of your home, so it also deserves some attention. But how exactly does the exterior contribute to a timeless feel, and what could you do to achieve it?

To answer this, simply think about how much a little sunlight and fresh air can improve your mood and health. This isn’t just a feeling, either—sunlight, fresh air, and other aspects of nature are scientifically proven to boost our moods, reduce stress, and lead to healthier lives. There’s nothing as timeless as nature, so your home should absolutely take advantage of that.

A nice outdoor space with a stylish transition could bring more light into the home and encourage you to spend more time outside. This could be achieved in a myriad of ways, but below are just a few ideas, ranging from subtle to extravagant:

  • Adding new patio doors (French, sliding, bifold, etc.)

  • Installing new windows to bring in more light

  • Creating a small backyard garden/flowerbed

  • Adding patio equipment (new chairs, fire pit, etc)

  • Redesigning or expanding the patio space

No matter what design choices you settle on, the main goal is to simply find a balance between your outdoor and indoor space in an inviting and elegant way.

5) Consider Stainless Steel Appliances

Appliance styles and colors are frequently changing. As such, they can begin to look dated. Combat this by choosing appliances that will maintain a fresh look even as time marches forward. Stainless steel appliances are a great way to achieve a timeless look. Clean, sleek finishes pair with almost any kitchen style, and these appliances are especially fitting when classic design is the goal.

6) Don’t Forget To Look Up

When considering a major renovation project, don’t forget to look up. The ceiling is often ignored when updating a space. However, a good ceiling design can complete the entire space. Maintain continuity in your remodeling efforts by modernizing the ceiling while refreshing other parts of your space.

One option is to eliminate a popcorn ceiling and replace it with an updated design. Consider decorative ceiling tiles that complement the rest of your room, or wooden planks that create a homey feeling. Ceiling designs give the room a unique character that furniture or art can’t capture. There are many creative ways to update your ceiling to bring cohesiveness to the entire space.

Other Design Considerations For A Timeless Look

While the points we’ve discussed above will do the most for crafting an endlessly stylish home, there are a few other general rules of thumb you can follow:

  • Incorporate classic patterns

  • Minimize elements of technology as focal points

  • Aim for symmetry when possible

  • Invest in quality items

  • Use a neutral color base

  • Add natural materials throughout the room

  • Veer away from clutter and knick-knacks

Where Can I Be Trendy?

Though the goal is a timeless look, your renovation design can mix in current popular elements. In fact, it may be best to follow modern design trends in certain areas so you don’t begin to feel bored or uninspired by your home. So, where should you incorporate the latest and greatest in interior design?


Lighting is a great place to mix and match different trends without breaking the bank. Almost all lighting, inside and outside of the home, can be changed or rearranged to update the look and feel of your space.


While we mentioned that a neutral color base is often best for timeless design, go ahead and experiment with new colors. Paint an accent wall in a fun, bold color, or choose a wallpaper that adds personality while still complementing the rest of the room.

Accent Pieces

Lastly, accent pieces are another affordable and easy area in which to experiment with different looks. Think rugs, smaller furniture, new paintings, pillows, decorative bowls, and other smaller items that can change the vibe without throwing off the overall look.

Trust Steel Horse Constructors With Your Interior Redesign!

At Steel Horse Constructors, we know a thing or two about making a home look great. Whether you are looking for a modern interior or something truly timeless, our team can help you from the floor to the ceiling.

To learn more about what our team can do for your home, be sure to explore our site or contact us directly for more info today!


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