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ADA-Compliant Remodeling Services for Homes in Central Texas

Through our ADA-compliant work, we are able to provide safety and peace of mind to residents in Central Texas. By offering accessibility solutions to those in need, we can adapt any portion of your home to accommodate various instruments needed for mobility, such as walkers and wheelchairs. We can also add bathroom and other safety equipment. These modifications can increase independence and lessen frustrations while assisting in maneuverability. The Steel Horse Constructors team is here to help make your home as comfortable and accessible as possible.

Available Residential ADA Modifications 

The Americans with Disabilities Act focuses on safety, accessibility, and ease of mobility. While ADA modifications are not required in personal residences, we have found that making adjustments to address those needs aids in everyday living. Our company can make those necessary adjustments, from building an exterior entry ramp to modification of bathrooms and kitchens.


Some necessary modifications could include:

  • Widening doorways to 36” to allow for easy access for wheelchair and/or walker users

  • Lowering thresholds to be flush with the floor and removing transitions, thereby reducing tripping hazards

  • Modifying a shower with a curbless entry

  • Enlarging a shower for wheelchair accommodation

  • Installing grab bars at strategic locations, usually in the shower/tub and toilet areas

  • Lowering bathroom and kitchen countertops for ease of access

  • Installing lever-type faucet and door handles

  • Ensuring that open areas will accommodate a 360° turn in a wheelchair (normally a 5’ clearance)

  • Installing anti-slip flooring

  • Installing Door locks that open from the outside, in case of emergency

  • Installing exterior entry ramps with anti-slip coating and handrails

Your Source for Aesthetically-Pleasing ADA Design

Often, general thinking is that providing for disability conversions will make a living space feel cold and sterile, similar to a hospital room. However, our design modifications can be as aesthetically pleasing as any other home design we offer. We are experts at renovating your home, all while making it safe and comfortable for you or your loved ones with disability issues. 


Our team handles all aspects of the renovation, from design to completion. The goal is not only to increase the quality of your life but also to increase the value of your home with these adaptations. 


Contact Steel Horse Constructors today to learn more about our ADA-compliant remodeling and modification services.

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